Aug 04

Top 15 Most Beautiful Women In The World

4. Adriana Lima

Is it even fair that this earth was blessed with Adriana Lima? This face and body were pretty much made for editorial. Ever since she was discovered at a shopping mall at 13 and became a Victoria’s Secret model in 1999, she’s been topping “Most Beautiful Women” lists year after year, and we don’t see that stopping anytime soon. 

5. Kate Upton

This sultry blond might not be as popular in 2021 as she was when the Cat Daddy video came out, but the model first came on the radar when she showed up as the cover model for Sports illustrated in 2011. She would then go on to cover three more issues. With her mesmerizing curves, Upton has been compared to Marilyn Monroe over the years. 

6. Blake Lively

There’s never a time when Blake Lively isn’t charming — even when she’s 8 months pregnant, she has an undeniable glow that looks Photoshopped. Every hairstyle and outfit that she’s worn over the years she’s pulled off with ease, because this charismatic queen is so gorgeous, she can basically pull off any look as soon as she flashes those pearly whites. 

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