One of these two young men contacted me and told me something incredible... - You can't imagine what the mother of the deceased 12-year-old girl revealed.

"Radio Freedom" publishes an interview with the mother of a 12-year-old boy who died in Didi Digomi, where Nato Khutashvili says that she was contacted by one of the two youths, whose photos he published on social networks a few days ago.

  • For information, Nato Khutashvili published a photo of two young people on Facebook a few days ago and wrote that they might have some information about the death of his son, because the cameras caught them in the vicinity of the area where Ani was found unconscious.

"He told me that it was really him in the photo and that evening he had walked in that area with some friends, but he didn't hear any sound. He told me that we would definitely help you, but unfortunately we didn't hear any suspicious sounds. "Four friends were together, they were walking noisily, they were avoiding each other," Khutashvili said in an interview with "Radio Liberty".