Aug 11

"I want to publicly apologize for..." - Tako revealed the secret, he is talking about this topic for the first time since he broke up with Baghashvili.

Actor Tako Tabatadze answered the questions asked about his and singer Gia Bagashvili's broken family in "Day's Post":

"The first is that the destruction of a family destroys you inside - no one plans that a relationship that is created by love will end at some point. It's very difficult at first, that's why I didn't want to talk about it and I didn't talk about it either. It was very difficult and it is still difficult. Each such resistance ultimately strengthens a person. Experience in relationships and life. Now I have taken a big responsibility on myself.

Our children are already at an age where they have access to the Internet. I was glad that they met with humor, because a thousand nonsense was written, taken out of context. Do you have to be able to discern when you go to a site and it is saturated with obscene videos, it is clear that it is spreading fake information…

To be honest, it was more difficult for my family because I come from a very traditional family. I want to say a very big apology in public that they faced so much stress.

The fact that it happened three years ago and the family was destroyed was difficult for me. If this feedback has had any effect on your career, or your work, or your relationship with these friends, I really can't say that. I was surprised that people feel so bad that they can outdo other people. I am very sorry for them. They project their thoughts on a person whom they do not know at all..." - says Tako.